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Developed from our desire to create truly environmentally friendly Woodburning stoves which are beautiful yet subtly understated, and where form is in perfect harmony with function - Function which is so advanced that smoke seems to literally disappear as if by magic. Superior in quality of materials and construction, and all this at a price which does not break the bank, we believe that few people can afford to be without one.
Saltfire stoves have been developed without compromise, ensuring the best burning results and each lovingly hand built from individually cast components by the most skilled of foundry craftsmen. Saltfire stoves are built to last, to perform as intended every time, and with minimal maintenance.
The Peanut range come complete with a 5 Year Guarantee and the ST range with a 3 Year Guarantee. (See Terms)
Saltfire stoves have all passed with flying colours, the stringent 'DEFRA' testing - They are Ultra-Clean Burning and a positive leap forwards environmentally.
The full ST / ST-X ranges and the Peanut range are all EcoDesign 2022 Ready for burning wood.
For playing your part in saving the planet, you will be instantly rewarded with a mesmerising flame effect unique to Saltfire Stove Technology - Then of course you will notice your heating bills all but disappear.
Feel free to contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions 01929 555211.
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