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 October 2024

The new PumpkinPie stoves available now -  

 January 2023

Two new Saltfire Inset stoves available now! For More information visit



 December 2022

New Classic stove Available now!




August 2020

clearSkies scheme lauched to promote the cleaner burning wood stoves. Click for more information.

February 2020

Stove Industry Alliance welcomes new regulations on most polluting fuels
The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) has welcomed the announcement by Defra today that it plans to encourage the use of cleaner fuel and phase out the sale of coal and wet wood for domestic burning.
Coal and wet wood are the two most polluting fuels and these will be phased out between 2021 and 2023.
The SIA would like to emphasise that modern Ecodesign compliant wood burning stoves burning the correct fuel continue to be a very sound environmental heating solution. Ecodesign ready stoves produce 90% less emissions than an open fire and are a very low carbon method of heating using a totally renewable and sustainable fuel.
Do not believe all of the misleading and simply incorrect news headlines today. Woodburning Stoves are NOT going to be banned at all. In fact, switching to our modern EcoDesign stoves and burning quality dry wood is part of the solution for improved air quality:

September 2019

New Widescreen version of our most popular model now available:

The Saltfire ST-X Wide will come as standard as a dedicated wood-burner, but will have the option of a Multi-fuel grate (to allow burning of suitanle smokeless coal) and also an option for Bio-ethanol fuel.
Available in standard height (click image below for more info):
and Tall height (click image below for more info):


February 2019

Wood stove technology and the understanding of wood stove designers and engineers has moved on a lot in recent years. Most stoves may look like similar black boxes, but what goes on inside the burn chamber can be very different –

The Saltfire and Ekol Stoves Group is at the forefront of innovations in wood stove combustion and The Peanut range is the result of Saltfire’s latest developments in clean-burning, high efficiency stove technology.

Created at Saltfire Stoves Group Innovation Centre in Wareham, Dorset, they are designed to be very easy to operate, install and super easy to keep clean and maintain.

With a broad range of outputs on each model, you will have fingertip control to enjoy a slower ‘lazy flames’, or hotter ‘roaring flames’ fire, and anywhere in between – All whilst maintaining high efficiency using fewer logs but giving more heat when you need it.

Available in several sizes and rated outputs, each with regular ‘short’ and ‘tall’ height options.

The Peanut range features all-cast-iron construction for maximum heat-retention and ultra-clean-burning, by keeping the belly of the fire hot even during ‘low & slow’ burning. Cast Iron construction also makes for an extremely rugged stove with long life.


January 2019

DEFRA has launched the new Clean Air Strategy. See how our modern clean buring stoves can help to reduce air pollution  - more information here.


August 2018

Following certification of the ST3 and ST4 models this month we can now proudly announce that the entire range is now fully EcoDesign 2022 Ready:
ST1 Vision
We believe we are the fist manufacturer to have a complete range of EcoDesign models as standard – this will make it easier for the end customer to understand. It will remove any confusion as to whether a particular model is EcoDesign or not. 
As we get closer to the new legislation coming into force customers are becoming increasingly aware of EcoDesign and many retailers tell us customers are already specifying EcoDesign compliance as a requirement. Retailers and end users can be confident that Saltfire have invested in the development of ultra clean-burning and efficient stoves that will be supported for many years to come.


April 2018

News from the Stove Industry Alliance:
Mayor of London acknowledges that not all wood burning is the same.
After being widely misquoted as calling for a ban on wood burning stoves, the Mayor of London is urging Londoners who burn wood in their homes to use the right kind of equipment and fuels to help reduce emissions.
Recognising that the burning of wood on open fires is a major source of PM emissions in London, Sadiq Khan is advocating the replacement of open fires with Ecodesign Ready stoves.
A SIA Ecodesign Ready stove can reduce emissions by 90% compared to an open fire and 80% compared to a stove produced ten years ago.
The Ecodesign regulations, which have PM emission limits that are 55% lower than the current Clean Air Act limits are due to come into force in 2022 but the SIA has introduced the stoves now under the Ecodesign Ready label.
The SIA Ecodesign Ready label will help the consumer more easily choose those stoves that meet the lower emission levels.
Burning suitably dry wood also lowers the emissions produced.  Ready to Burn fuel is guaranteed to have a moisture below 20%.
The press release below was issued by Sadiq Khan on 28th February.
Mayor backs drive to tackle emissions from most polluting wood burners

28 February 2018

Campaign to help consumers make the right choice 
In a week which has seen temperatures plummet across the capital, Sadiq Khan is urging Londoners who burn wood in their homes to use the right kind of equipment and fuels to help reduce the harmful emissions contributing to air pollution.

Burning wood or other solid fuels like coal releases PM2.5, widely acknowledged as the air pollutant which has the greatest health impacts, increasing risk of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. In January 2017, pollution from wood burning was a major contributor to  the highest levels of pollution recorded in London since 2011, resulting in a winter smog lasting for nine days. 
The Mayor believes that, as we work to tackle the capital’s filthy air, emissions from wood burning should be reduced as much as possible. He wants to ensure Londoners have the right information to make the correct choices if they already have a wood-burner, or are considering purchasing one in an upgrade from an older, more polluting appliance or switching from an open fire. 

In a bid to raise awareness amongst Londoners, Sadiq has invested £20,000 in an industry information campaign, including newspaper advertisements today, encouraging people who currently use an open fire to switch to a cleaner, ecodesign-ready wood-burning stove, and use the best wood possible.

Even stoves or fuels that meet legal requirements can emit toxic pollution. The Stove Industry Alliance (SIA) and Woodsure, the UK’s woodfuel accreditation scheme, launched their voluntary “ecodesign-ready” and “Ready to Burn” labels for stoves and fuels last year, to help consumers make the right choice in London and other smoke control areas.

The campaign, run by the Stove Industry Alliance and Heating Equipment Testing and Approval Scheme (HETAS), highlights how ecodesign-ready stoves, approved by the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), can emit up to 80 per cent less pollution than a normal Defra-approved appliance, and ‘ready to burn’ dry wood emits around 50 per cent less pollution than wet wood.  

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “During this cold weather, we want to ensure that air pollution caused by wood burning across the capital is kept to a minimum. The industry is already doing great work in developing less polluting ‘ready to burn’ wood and low-emission stoves, but increased effort needs to be made in raising awareness of these new designs, so Londoners have the information they need to make the right choice. That’s why I’m supporting this campaign, and the industry’s efforts, to clean up our filthy air. If you have to burn wood this winter, make sure you use the right fuel and the right kit– you can make a huge difference.”
The ‘ready to burn’ wood has a low moisture content, and the lowest level of pollution emissions, compared to other types of wood including: 

Defra-approved ‘smokeless fuels’ – emits ‘medium’ levels of pollution emissions
‘Wet’ wood that has not been kiln dried or seasoned – emits ‘high’ levels of pollution emissions
Found, or unpurchased wood, for example from gardens – emits ‘high’ levels of pollution emissions
Waste wood – emits ‘very high’ levels of pollution emissions and should not be used at all, as it can contain other dangerous elements.
The campaign will also see leaflets and signage provided at HETAS-approved suppliers of wood-burning stoves. 

Bruce Allen, Chair of Woodsure said: “Woodsure is pleased to be working with the Mayor of London. The Woodsure Ready to Burn scheme provides a recognisable logo to help customers to recognise the right fuel to buy and use, at the same time as reducing environmental impact. This, along with the right appliance choices, like eco-design ready wood burning stoves, will make a real difference. It’s great to see the Mayor leading in key areas of environmental importance like this.”  


March 2018

The Saltfire ST1, ST1 Vision and ST2 models are tested and certified for the EcoDesign 2022 standard.


August 2017

The complete ST-X range are now EcoDesign 2022 Ready:



April 2017



New European legislation has been passed meaning in the future wood-burning stoves will have to meet stricter limits for emissions. This legislation is called the EcoDesign Directive (also known as Lot 20 or the Energy Related Products (ErP) Requirements). The legislation comes into force in 2022. Although this is 5 years away some progressive manufacturers including Saltfire are beginning to label stoves that meet the requirement in advance as EcoDesign Compliant now.
The requirements mean significantly lower maximum emissions limits on Carbon Monoxide (CO), Organic Gaseous Compounds (OGC), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Particulate matter (e.g. dust/smoke), compared to current limits, and also mean a higher minimum Efficiency standard for the appliance.
Saltfire Stoves have been designed to be highly efficient and clean-burning, emitting minimal pollutants to the environment so will be able to meet and exceed these future requirements. A new set of official testing is required to demonstrate this.
The first of the models to be tested have been the ST-X5 and ST-X8 so these are now badged as EcoDesign compliant. Further ST models are already scheduled for the new testing over the summer. 
Saltfire Stoves promote burning wood - when burned in efficient stoves like ours - this is an environmentally friendly way of heating your home. Ensure your logs come from sustainable and properly managed resources. These modern stoves will help to improve air quality across the country.
Further updates to follow as more models are passed - please contact us for more information.


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