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ST-X Wide Bioethanol


Price: £1344 Bioethanol version

The Bioethanol-fuel version of our popular ST-X Wide stove.

The bioethanol fuel gives a typical heat output of 1-1.5kW so is only intended as a background heat source or to provide a real flame aesthetic when you don't require the heat of a woodburner. Ideal to have on in the spring/summer evenings. Or for winter use when there is already a primary heat source (e.g. central heating) in the room.

This can either be installed as a normal wood/multifuel stove with appropriate flue system (and can then be used for solid fuel or bioethanol), or, can be installed free-standing without a chimney/flue if you intent to only use the Bioethanol option.

The Bioethanol burner tray can easily be lifted in/out of the stove without any tools required. When the burner tray is removed it can be used outside the stove e.g. out on your patio on summer evenings. With the tray removed the stove becomes the standard wood stove so can be used with wood (subject to a suitable chimney connection).



Heat output with Bioethanol: approx 1.5kW

Height: 600mm

Width: 592mm

Depth: 285mm

Approx weight: 90 kg

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